We help auto retailers
stand out from the crowd

SpinCar offers dealers, auctions, and OEMs the industry’s most advanced digital merchandising platform

By bringing the physical showroom experience to the online world, SpinCar is redefining how vehicles are bought and sold. Our suite of digital merchandising solutions enables sellers of every size and type to engage, educate and nurture relationships with prospective buyers. And by generating and activating an entirely new set of first-party data, SpinCar is helping auto dealers around the world sell more vehicles and generate higher margins.

Devin Daly and SpinCar explain SpinCars 5 pillars of digital merchandising and customer experience
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Our values

We work hard, move fast and have fun as we drive Onward each and every day.

Employee Spotlight

From triathletes to restaurant owners, SpinCar has some amazing employees in its ranks. SpinCar’s Employee Spotlight gives you an authentic and behind-the-scenes look at our culture.

Kerstin Todd

One of the reasons I came to SpinCar is because of its culture and values. I would say that every single one of our core values resonates with me. If I have to pick one, though, it would be relationships.

Alexis Cardona

If I have to choose, I’d probably say Relationships and Results. I thrive on collaboration and transparency and I need to feel like where I work and the folks I work with are a part of my family given how much time we spend together.

Farwa Iftikhar

I relate strongly to SpinCar’s value of curiosity as it drives learning and motivates one to push their limits to grow. I am a learner who has an inherent need to observe and learn new things…

Kurt Zikaras

If I had to pick just one [core value] it would be Relationships. Getting to know new people and collaborating with other teams throughout SpinCar is one of my favorite things to do.

Ben Cooper

One of the core reasons I joined SpinCar is because it had a very clearly stated mission set alongside values which define our operating practises and our business culture.

Sara Casullo

…If I had to choose just one [core value], it would be relationships. I’ve always been a people person and I’m very lucky that this role allows me to meet new people everyday.

Louis Guerra

Definitely [resonate] curiosity. Being a software engineer means constantly solving new problems or investigating new mysteries. You need to leverage your own curiosity to drive you forward to solutions.

Thiel Valdes

I love all of our core values because they really resonate with me and the entire company. If I were to choose one, I think Grit would be the one that resonates with me the most.

Chris Hart

I would say, truthfully, they [core values] each resonate with me…if I had to choose just one I would say relationships. I really love my team and working with them day in and day out.

Andi Myers

I had an opportunity to talk with Mike Quigley, one of the founders of SpinCar, about SpinCar’s technology and I knew I wanted to be part of the next phase of their growth.

Abhishek Pillai

If I were to choose one [core value], it would definitely be curiosity. I find great pleasure in asking questions and creative problem solving even though the actual payoff is many weeks or months away.

Ryan Tambroni

Curiosity resonates with me the most. There is never-ending information in the tech world and being in a role that allows me to dive deeply into the technical side of things is something I am very passionate about.

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