Cookie Notice

Updated January 6, 2021


Why we provide this Notice

This Cookie Notice explains what cookies and similar technologies (collectively, “Cookies”) are, our use of Cookies, and how you can manage Cookies.

Who we are

In this Cookie Notice:

  • “We”, “us”, and “our” mean Augmented Reality Concepts, Inc. (d/b/a SpinCar).
  • “Third party” means someone who is not you or us.

Who you are

In this Cookie Notice, “you” means you as a

  • Consumer — a visitor to the website of one of our customers.  If you are a Consumer, you have no direct relationship with SpinCar.
  • Customer – a representative of a company that uses SpinCar’s services and is a customer of SpinCar.
  • Prospective Customer — a visitor to the website, who may submit a contact request from and may become a customer of SpinCar.

What Cookies are

A Cookie is a small file placed onto the device of a Consumer, Customer or Prospective Customer, which enables SpinCar features and functionality.  In this Notice, “Cookie” also includes a similar technology, HTML5 Web Storage.

Why we use Cookies

When as a Consumer you visit the website of a SpinCar Customer, we may store an anonymous ID in a Cookie, enabling us to track which web pages, vehicles and vehicles features you viewed.

When as a Customer you use SpinCar’s software to manage your account, we use a Cookie to manage your login and help you navigate our software.  We do not store personal information in this Cookie. When you visit the website of a SpinCar customer, we link the anonymous ID stored in localStorage to the personal information we store.

Cookie classifications

Cookies can be broken down into classifications according to their lifecycles and their domains.

Cookies by lifespan

  • Session Cookies are those that are erased when you close your browser
  • Persistent Cookies are those that remain on your computer for a predesignated period of time

We sometimes use persistent Cookies as well as session Cookies.

Cookies by domain

  • First-party Cookies are those that come from the web server of the page visited by you.  The domain name of our first-party Cookie is
  • Third-party Cookies are those that are stored by a different domain than those of the page visited by you.

Managing Cookies

Most browsers allow you to enable or disable Cookies.  If you wish to restrict or block the Cookies which are set by any website, you should do this through the web browser settings for each web browser on each device you use to access the internet.  The methods for doing so vary from browser to browser and from version to version. You can obtain information about restricting or blocking Cookies, including on a wide variety of browsers, at

For example, the ID remains in HTML5 Web Storage until deleted by your web browser or by you.  You can prevent or remove the use of HTML5 Web Storage via your web browser settings.

Cookies that we use

For Consumers:

For Customers:

For Prospective Customers visiting the website:

Contact us

If you have any questions about this Cookie Notice, please contact us at or write us at:

Attn: Data privacy
344 S. Warren St. Suite 200
Syracuse, NY 13202