If you’ve accidentally uploaded a vehicle with the wrong stock or VIN number, you can easily correct the issue within the SpinCar Capture app, as long as the spin is still on the “My Spins” page. Follow the below steps to update stock and VIN numbers through the app:

  • Select the specific vehicle with an incorrect stock or VIN number.
  • Rename the spin with the correct stock or VIN number and then re-upload the spin.

Please note: If the incorrect stock number or VIN number that was originally used matches another vehicle in your feed, the spin would need to be deleted within Manager. Select “Delete Forever” when prompted, if this is the case.

If you’d prefer to correct an incorrect stock number or VIN number within Manager, follow the below steps:

  • Identify the spin with the incorrect stock or VIN number, click “Move/Copy” and then select the “Move” option.
  • Select “Enter the VIN.”
  • Input the correct stock or VIN number.