Your Ricoh camera is able to connect to your compatible iOS device through a Wi-Fi connection (Note: this is not a Bluetooth connection). The Ricoh emits its own Wi-Fi signal that can be selected for pairing through your mobile device’s iOS settings. The Ricoh’s Wi-Fi signal will be named something similar to: “THETAYJ00123456.”

  1. Select the Ricoh’s Wi-Fi signal that you want to connect to on your iOS device.
  2. At this point, you’ll be prompted to enter a password. The password is 8 digits long and can be found within the network’s name. The password will always start with the first 2 zeroes of the network name, followed by the additional 6 characters.
  3. Input this password to wirelessly pair your Ricoh and iOS devices.


For example: if the network is named “THETAYJ00123456,” the password would be “00123456.”