Landmark Study Finds Engaged Online Auto Shoppers 2x More Likely to Buy

Until now, no one has been able to quantify the impact of merchandising engagement on actual auto purchases. Breakthrough research by SpinCar and Polk Automotive Solutions finally reveals the relationship between merchandising engagement levels and purchase rates, including the effect of digital merchandising tools on sales conversions.

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Impact Study

A partnership between SpinCar and Polk to
understand the relationship between online shopper
merchandising engagement and vehicle purchases.

A comprehensive analysis of:



Online Car Shoppers

More than


Vehicle Purchases



US Auto Dealers

Engaged Shoppers
are Seriously
more likely
to buy.

Sales conversions steadily increase with higher
levels of online merchandising engagement

Sales conversion graph

Highly engaged
purchase at


the rate of

Engagement with specific online merchandising tools correlates with serious sales conversions

How shoppers engage online is as important as how much they engage

Top view of car

Car Photos

360 WalkAround

360° WalkArounds

Feature Tour

Feature Tour

F&I Merchandising

F&I Merchandising

Car callout

Shoppers who engage with specific merchandising tools demonstrate up to


conversions to sales than unengaged shoppers

Increase in sales conversion graph
Three people on their phones

automotive buyers demonstrate
serious online behaviors

Number of Merchandising Interactions on Dealer Website

Gray legend box


Blue legend box

Buyers who purchased from a competing dealership

Yellow legend box

Buyers who purchased from the dealership where merchandising engagement occurred

Top view of car
Number of merchandise interactions graph
interact up to
5.3X more

Want to drive serious
sales? Get serious
about digital

The Road to Merchandising Success for Auto Dealers

STEP 1 – Perfect the basics

Ensure availability of high-quality car photos of 100% of inventory.

Map marker
Map marker

STEP 2 – Add new merchandising tools

360° WalkArounds and Feature Tours create more opportunities for shopper engagement.

STEP 3 – Drive shoppers back to your website

Retarget likely buyers with personalized ad experiences powered by rich merchandising content.

Map marker
Map marker

STEP 4 – Expand digital merchandising efforts beyond the web

Leverage data, content and technology to improve performance of your BDC, sales team and F&I office.

The findings are clear

A consumer’s likelihood to purchase is directly related to their engagement with digital merchandising tools on a dealer’s website. That’s why dealers around the world rely on SpinCar’s digital merchandising platform to engage and educate online shoppers. Contact us today to learn how you can get started on the road to digital merchandising success.

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