Automated Background Removal

Digital imaging technology that makes your vehicles shine

For vehicle images that stand out from the crowd

SpinCar’s Automated Background Removal (ABR) technology enables vehicle retailers to showcase their inventory with clean, consistent, professional-looking images.

Powered by an adaptive computer vision algorithm, Automated Background Removal is a cost-effective solution that can be implemented in less than a day.  And real-time photo editing enables dealers to instantly remove background clutter from all SRP photos, ensuring compliance with OEM-mandated requirements.

Before ABRAfter ABR

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Multiple Treatment Options for Increased Flexibility

Real-time Image Enhancement

Unlike other photo editing approaches, SpinCar’s Automated Background Removal solution requires no process change, enabling dealerships to immediately standardize backgrounds across their SRP pages.

Seamless Syndication

ABR effortlessly integrates into your current image export and feed processes. By automatically delivering edited SRP images to third party listing sites, you gain the edge you need to stand out from other dealer listings.

Make your vehicle images shine

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