F&I Advantage

A better way to merchandise vehicle protection and insurance products

Educate buyers before they arrive at your dealership

F&I products are critical to dealer profitability, but the process often leaves car buyers confused and dissatisfied.

That’s why we created F&I Advantage – a simple but effective approach to educating consumers BEFORE they ever arrive at your dealership.

Consumers simply don’t know about F&I products that are offered by your dealership

Consumer awareness of F&I products graph

Transforming the way F&I products are sold

Introduce margin-enhancing F&I products before a shopper ever arrives at your showroom

Showcase value-added warranty and protection plans directly on your website VDPs

Educate consumers on the need for supplemental insurance earlier in the process

F&I Advantage User Interface with vehicle and feature drawer overlayed on dealership VDP

Build awareness and educate consumers earlier in the car shopping process

A complete F&I merchandising solution for your business office

Kelly Cars

We recognize that better F&I product merchandising before the sale improves product penetration, but we have struggled to find the right solution. We love SpinCar’s approach as our products are introduced during the customer’s feature exploration phase which has led to a 19% increase in F&I penetration. It’s the perfect time to get customers acquainted with the value of additional protection for their purchase.

– Casey Tuggle, Chief Marketing Officer, Kelly Auto Group

The future of F&I merchandising is here

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