Image Cloning

The industry’s most effective imaging
solution for new car inventory

Say goodbye to stock photos forever

Custom photos are critical to driving VDP engagement, but achieving 100% coverage on new vehicles is time-consuming and expensive.

Image Cloning solves these challenges by enabling dealers to shoot once and reuse images and 360° WalkArounds hundreds of times.

One car photo clones into multiple car photos, image cloning

A better way to bring your vehicle inventory to life

Dealership VDP without image cloning, showcasing what it looks like with stock photos

Stock photos don’t work.
1 in 5 consumers consider it a bait and switch tactic, leading them to question the dealership’s integrity.

Image Cloning VDP with the same vehicle cloned multiple times to fill inventory

Cloned Images provide a custom-photo experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional photography approaches.

How it works…

How it works, Image Cloning Software, TruImages

A smarter imaging solution for new vehicle inventory

Increase new car photo coverage and reduce costs

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