Capture every click, swipe, and spin

Car Shopping Online

… for greater sales success

Development Success

Spinning an entirely new set of
first-party behavioral data
identifies individual shopper
needs and interests
hyper-personalized lead follow-up

Digital footprints left by each shopper provide
insight into specific vehicle interest levels

VIN Interactions

Last Accessed VIN/Stock Number Year/Make/Model Time Spent
17 Hours Ago 1G1PESSB6G7218000 2003 Ford Fusion 1m 42s
17 Hours Ago JTHCF5C22B2035330 2014 Mercedes E350 4m 11s
17 Hours Ago 1D81HD38K18F105574 2011 Chevy Cobalt 48s
17 Hours Ago 1C3BC8EG1BN600928 2015 BMW 740i 1m 7s
18 Hours Ago KN1B7VA19PR4400126 2003 Toyota Camry 3m 14s
Vin Interactions

First Party Data captured from digital interactions
reveals the distinct needs of each shopper

Feature Interaction Data

Hotspot Number of Clicks Time Spent Viewing
Turbo Charger Video 12 54s
Performance Sheet 11 41s
Engine Photo 10 34s
Drive Modes 8 15s
Performance Info

Performance Enthusiast

Feature Interaction Data

Hotspot Number of Clicks Time Spent Viewing
Airbag Safety Video 15 48s
Brake Assist 11 58s
IIHS Safety Sheet 12 36s
Airbag 8 15s
Safety Info

Safety Conscious

Shopper Location Data enables more targeted sales approaches

Map of Lead Location


“Stop in for a test drive.”

At/Near a Competing Dealer?

“Stop in for a special offer.”

Reports delivered directly to sales reps
in an easily digestible format

Integrates with existing dealer
DMPs and CRM platforms

Real-time updates ensure the
most accurate shopper profiles

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