Meet the industry’s most effective digital ads

Digital Ad


Enable shoppers to explore inventory and images from within the ad unit.


Ability to prioritize slower-moving inventory to move aged vehicles off your lot faster.


Display key vehicle features based on demonstrated shopper interests.


Pay per Click model ensures that you pay only for incremental VDP views.

A better way to reach your highest value prospects

The typical dealer invests thousands of dollars in marketing and advertising programs each month to get consumers to visit their website, yet 97% of VDP viewers leave that dealer’s site and never return!  Retargeting holds the key to bringing these high value visitors back, but traditional approaches suffer from a number of shortcomings. Now, there’s a better way . . .

Traditional Retargeting

  • CPM pricing model = 60% ad waste!
  • Limited (or no) ad personalization = fewer and less qualified clicks
  • Limited (or no) tracking and reporting = lack of visibility and transparency

VINtelligent Retargeting

  • Cost per VDP view – Pay only for performance!
  • Hyper-personalized VIN and feature-driven ad content for the highest quality leads
  • Detailed performance reporting for full transparency

A proven process for results


Identify the highest value shoppers


Match to the most
relevant vehicles


Generate and deliver the most
personalized ads in the industry

Shopper Behavior

Visits SRP

Sorts/Filters SRP

Views VDP

Engages with VDPs


Inventory List

Prioritized by days on lot to move aged inventory faster!

Hyper-personalized ads
delivered across the web

Yahoo Ad

Measurement tools and support to ensure dealer success

  • Fully-customized Digital Performance Dashboards
  • Seamlessly integrated with existing Google Analytics account
  • Tracks performance of ALL digital traffic sources
  • Full training and support provided

The Results are Clear

SpinCar drives a 9x improvement in marketing ROI

Traditional Digital Marketing

$16 cost per VDP view

Other Ads

VINtelligent Retargeting

$1.79 cost per VDP view

SpinCar Ads


“The ad spend is extremely low for the amount and quality of VDP views I get with SpinCar’s VINtelligent Retargeting. The ROI is amazing.”

Al Gillespie, Chief Marketing Officer, Feldman Automotive

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