Consumer shopping habits have changed forever


In 2012, consumers visited 5.4 dealerships before making a vehicle purchase.

The Physical Showroom
was key to attracting and converting car shoppers.

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93% of consumers start car shopping online, and visit 1.5 dealerships before making a vehicle purchase.

The Digital Experience
is now key to attracting and converting car shoppers.

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Digital Merchandising Lies at the Heart of the Consumer Shopping Journey

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SpinCar sets the Standard for Digital Automotive Merchandising

Helping automotive sellers move more cars faster,
by enabling them to build trust with online shoppers
through the use of advanced digital technology and proprietary data.

Auto retailers who fail to engage online shoppers risk being left behind

Every month, the typical dealership sees 20x more website visitors than walk-ins, and these digital shoppers have access to an almost infinite supply of inventory at the click of a button or the swipe of a finger. In today’s hyper-competitive online environment, auto retailers are constantly being evaluated based on their ability to establish trust with consumers, without ever meeting face-to-face. Dealers that are able to successfully engage and influence these online shoppers will win, while those that fail to deliver personalized, interactive digital experiences will be left behind.

Everything you need to put online shoppers in the driver’s seat

SpinCar developed and patented an entirely new way for car shoppers to explore and evaluate automobiles online. With this technology, auto dealers are able to deliver 360 degree virtual “walkarounds” of their vehicles, enabling them to bring the showroom experience directly to online consumers. Over the past five years, the company has worked with thousands of dealers to reinvent the online car shopping experience and drive more sales. The SpinCar platform enables auto dealers to get their vehicles online faster, understand consumer needs and interests at a much deeper level, engage more meaningfully with car shoppers, and generate personalized digital content that brings shoppers back to the dealership.

A company you can trust


Technology refined from 5+ years of in-market learning and optimization.


Working with dealers, OEMs and partners across 20 countries.


Used at more than half of the Top 20 dealer groups in the US.


Optimized consumer experience based on millions of consumer interactions.

Committed to Your Success

SpinCar’s customer service has been fantastic. They stay on top of everything for us. They make sure we are doing what we need to be doing, and that is crucial for us.

Michael Sofia, General Manager

Doan Family of Dealerships Buick GMC

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